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Welcome back guys, happy Holi to all of you today we are going to discuss some good and very useful stuff. nowadays we all are using digital devices and we all are using mobile phones it can be anything like android or iPhone but the most important thing is privacy in our phone we all are using different kinds of messenger and WhatsApp media or any other social media. but we are chatting with someone and we don’t want that the third person uses your devices and check your message if you want this then this article for you. in this article we are going to discuss Vault apk and I’ll show you how to vault apk download?

What is vault apk?

vault apk is a mobile application which is design for hiding your private data from other users, means if you have your private data and the other person is using your device and you don’t want that the other person access your private data and information then you can use this application vault apk is an excellent app if you have secret things on your phone that you don’t want others to see. It can hide your photos, videos, contacts, text messages, call logs, and even Facebook messages.

Version Information

NameVault apk
Size13 MB
Required Android Version4.3 And Up


  • Hide and Protect Photos & videos: Photos and videos imported into the phone can only be viewed or played after the correct password is entered. These photos and videos can also be backed up to Cloud Space for better protection.
  •  App Lock (Privacy Protection): Use App Lock to protect your social, photo, call logs and telephone apps to prevent privacy leak.
  •  Private Browser: With a Private browser, your internet surf will leave no traces behind. There is also a Private Bookmark feature.
  • Cloud Backup: Back up your photos and videos to Cloud so they never get lost.
  •  Data Transfer: With Cloud Backup feature, you can easily transfer your data to a new phone.
  •  Password recovery: Worried about forgetting your password? Set a security email in Vault so you can retrieve it.
  • Multiple Vault & Fake Vault
    Create multiple vaults with different passwords for storing photos, videos respectively. And one of them can be a fake vault.
  •  Stealth Mode
    Make Vault icon disappear from your home screen and it can only be found again with the correct password, so no one knows it exists.
  •  Break-in Alerts
    Secretly snaps a picture of anyone who attempts to access a wrong password. Vault captures a photo, the time stamp and PIN code entered by all intrude

More Features:

  • Vault collects your private files and records so they don’t appear anywhere else on your phone. You choose a password for Vault and your private stuff can only be accessed by entering this correctly.
  • You can also lock apps so they can only be opened if the correct password is entered. Premium users can enable the Camouflage App Lock, which pretends that an app has crashed when someone else tries to open it.

How to Download Vault Apk?

1. Download app from Given and link you will get this all features.

–>SMS security

sms hide –>Hide Vault from Main menu


–>Protect Your privacy by AppLock as Finer-Print


–>Protect Apps By setting-up PIN lock


  • Download the app from the above button.
  • After Download Install the APP just like any other app.
  • Open Application and start using it.
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