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Hello Guys, welcome back to apkhappy. so today I will introduce you with a new app which name is tuneup master pro apk. We have limited storage in our mobile phones. some of the storage for system applications and some storage for users.let’s see how can we improve our system performance using this application.

What is TuneUp Master Pro apk?

Tuneup Master Pro apk is an android application that helps if your device has lag issues? Slow performance? Is the battery draining too fast? Sensors not properly calibrated? Screen not responding to touch events? Then TuneUp Master pro apk is made for you. If your Device is slow, battery draining too fast and screenshots not responding to touch events then using this application you can improve your mobile/System performance.

many users have memory issue so this application is for that to maintain and manage the device and boost your performance.large or small work can be completed using the device but the main important is that our device should capable to handle the task so this application helps to improve our memory optimization.

If you are bored with the slower performance of mobile then tuneup master apk help to increase memory utilization and clean up all unnecessary data or memory cache.


App NameTuneUp Master Pro Apk
Last Update4-Jul-2019
Developed ByAppsLadder
Released On24-Jul-2017

The above table shows Us all information about tuneup apk.

it was developed by AppsLadder and releaded on 24-July-2017. we have provided the latest version of the tune app.we have provided Version 5 of this application.

this application is also available on google play store. If you want to download this application from google play store then you have to pay money for this application but today we provided this application for free.


  •  TuneUp Master fine-tunes your device with a single tap.
  •  Increases touch response time and clean up junk memory to make your device faster.
  •  Calibrates sensors to make them more effective.
  •  Calibrates battery usage to make it lasts for a longer time.
  • 100% adds free and improved performance.
  • Easy to use.
  • Improves memory utilization.

How to install and Use TuneUp Master Pro apk?

  1. when you have downloaded this application and open the first time then you see below screen.

TuneUp master ro app     2.After Just select Quick TuneUp.

TuneUp master pro apk

   3. Now just see all operations done one by one.

tuneup master pro apk

   4. This application detects your device automatically.

Tuneup master Pro apk

  5.it will optimize your battery usage.

tuneup pro app

 6.finally, when all operations did you, will see the below image.

Tuneup master pro apk

How to Download TuneUp Master Pro Apk?

Download APK

  • Download the app from the above button.
  • After Download Install the APP just like any other app.
  • Open Application and start using it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is This application is safe?

Ans:- Yes this application is safe.

2. Is it optimize battery performance? 

Ans:- yes, this application can optimize your battery usage by working on battery usage optimization tasks.

3. Are you sure that will not modification in our mobile by using this application?

Ans:- Yes, I’m sure that there is no modification on ur mobile data or you can change or take permission back, which u have given this application.


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