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Hello guys, welcome again. so today we are talking about some gaming material stuff. nowadays everyone is playing some kind of game.this is the era of esports, where everyone participates in some kinds of games and always looking to win and improve today I m talking about a gaming tool that can help for improving your skills.that game tool name is Panda Gamepad Pro APk. so before talking about this tool we have to know that what is gamepad.?

What is Panda Gamepad Pro Apk?

Panda Gamepad Pro APK is an application that allows you to connect a gamepad to your mobile phone to be able to control and manipulate more

Currently, there are many shooting titles that use a lot of buttons on the screen, such as PUBG MobileFortniteRules Of Survival… And if you don’t practice a lot, it will be difficult to control skillfully. However, with this great application, you can link your gamepad to set up and control it more simply and easily than ever.

Panda Gaming Studio hopes that gamers can play games on their phones more simply so they developed Panda Gamepad Pro APk. Although it is just a Beta version, it has been very much interested in many people. So what are its salient features?

Keymapper is designed specifically for the gamepad

First, you must open the game through this application to connect the gamepad to your phone device. After that, Panda Gamepad Pro apk will provide you with a classic gamepad with full features that have been specified. And then you have to link the buttons to fit the touch buttons on the phone screen. So, after the installation and adjustment process is completed, your last step is to join and enjoy your favorite game. It’s simple, right?

Panda Gamepad Pro apk is only designed with a simple interface and also has many other outstanding features. For other applications, you need to clone your application to use the gamepad. And so there will be two similar apps on your home screen. This is a minus point because sometimes you will mistake the normal application and the inactive handle will cause you to waste time logging in again. But Panda Gamepad Pro allows users to directly use the application without duplicating.

In addition, the application also has some other features such as allowing you to log in and synchronize settings with your Google Play account. This is very convenient if you want to reinstall the device or buying the new phone, you can still continue to use the settings that you edited earlier.

Panda Gamepad Pro is a specifically designed keymap for is one of the most popular applications for use gaming can set up a new control in the phone and use easily.


What Is a Gamepad?

gamepad, game controller, joypad, or video game controller is a peripheral device designed to be connected to a computer or console gaming system. It has multiple buttons and may have one or two mini joysticks. A gamepad is used for playing video games of many types, including sports, first-person shooters, role-playing, and others. The picture shows an example of the Xbox 360 controller for Windows and a popular gamepad for the computer and consoles.

Gamepad History:

The first gamepad was introduced in 1985, first by Nintendo, then by Sega, for use with their video gaming systems. Since then, many forms of joypads have been made and sold, but all still have a similar design.

so the gamepad usually used in a computer or mac or Xbox. but how can we use it in an android device?

gamepad android device history:

The gamepad was first introduced in Seoul, Korea and was said to provide consumers with a “fun, convenient, and advanced gaming experience anytime, anywhere.”

Apk Information

NamePanda Gamepad pro apk
Size8 MB
Required Android Version4.5 And Up
DeveloperPanda Gaming Studio


  • Run games directly without closing
  • Support Google Play login
  • won’t be banned by some games in which duplication running is not allowed.
  • Easy to connect with the gamepad.
  • Free of cost

Limitation of panda gamepad pro apk:

1. It supports Gamepad only, keyboard or mouse won’t work.

2. Root or PC activation required. PC activation means you must connect your phone to PC and run the Panda Gamepad Pro Activator. After activation, you can plug out your phone. We have a full tutorial inside the app for activation.

3. This app is still in beta. It’s possible to have some performance issues.

4. Support nearly all brands of the gamepad.

5. Support gamepad calibration. If your gamepad doesn’t work or works abnormally, you can use this feature to make it right.

6. Support nearly all apps & games, except a few extreme applications.

What’s New?

  • Add an activator that can activate without a computer.
  • fix some bugs.
  •  improve stability.
  • Languages: EN
  • Signature verification removed
  • License check removed

How to Install and Use Panda Gamepad Pro apk?

when you install this application from our link then u see this image, you have to just enable all things and the activation trick will be described below.

panda gamepad After activation, you will see this screen

panda gamepad


After activation, you can just add games just click on the plush button and you will see these images, just select your games from the list and enjoy.

panda gamepad pro

panda gamepad

How to activate the panda gamepad?

Activator for Panda gamepad Windows:-

Download Activator(.RAR file, Must on PC)

Extract the .rar file to any folder(better to use WinRAR to extract).

If you have any trouble with that RAR file, you can Download Exe File(Must on PC). Exe file may be reported as a virus but it’s all due to signature problem, not a virus at all.

Important If you’re using Windows 7 or below, maybe you should install ADB Driver first.

Activator for panda gamepad Mac:-

Download Mac Activator(.ZIP file, Mac)

Attention When you’re running it, if it prompts can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer, just set System Preference > Security & Privacy > Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere.

If you don’t see the Anywhere, open Terminal, type sudo spctl --master-disable and return, then input your password (different from usual password interface with *****, here you can’t see anything from your input) and return. Then Anywhere appears.

download panda gamepad pro apk:-

Download APK

  • Download the app from the above button.
  • After Download Install the APP just like any other app.
  • Open Application and start using it.

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