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Hello and welcome guys to apkhappy official website :).If you are looking for a handy app that modifies user apps data in your Android phone? If you want to make customization in apps according to your wish? Then you have hit the right place, we bring a very special, useful and advance (Adv) app Hack App Data Pro apk to you that will help you in changing preferences of user app and change its internal files so that it can perform according to your desire.

What is the Hack App Data Pro app?

hack app data pro apk

Hack App Data Pro is an app as the name predicts that it allows the user to change application data such as internal files, editing text, etc. You need your phone to be rooted to get benefits of this app otherwise you can just use just the basic version. Applications in Android phone is divided into two groups which are system apps and user apps. You should be careful while playing with apps. Only modify user apps because playing with the system can cause malfunction of your Android phone. After modifying user apps data, it also prepares a copy of this app in the end. You can also create a backup of different apps with the APK file.

This tool is only for fun, using Hack App Data you can change the game scores, increase life, and get unlimited cheats in Android games, as well as you can change the design of the application. Make sure this tool allows you to hack those data files which are available SharedPreferences and SQLite database.

In this case, we are using different tools to get access to internal files of Android apps and games. There are we also share the best Android app that allows every Android user to change internal files of any Android app.

Mostly this tool is intended for fun, however, few people use it for illegal activities, but we have shared only for education purposes, so don’t use it for any illegal activity. If someone uses for harmful activities then we are not answerable for it. Hack App data apk is fully loaded with editing equipment that will be used to edit the inner data of apps and games. By the use of the application, you can modify all types of content such as app content, editing text, modify the layout, color, font and much more.

Things which you have to bear in mind before using this app:

Android operating consists of two natures of the application used application and system application. System apps contain inbuilt apps and user applications are those which users installed himself. And the application only for user application modification so doesn’t attempt to modify system application anymore.

The application is to work best-rooted device and on the non-rooted phone, It will miss some fundamental features. So, guys, if your device is rooted then believe me after some time the app, will become your favorite.

Along with offline apps our Android Os carried lots of online-based apps. But the application is not competent to modify online games and applications, so guys don’t modify any online-based APK file.

And one more thing premium apps and game modification are illegal. So, don’t modify any premium based game or app.

About Hack app data pro apk:-

Namehack app data apk
Required Android Version4.0 and up

Some key features:-

  • Multiple levels of hacking, such as static hacking mode and dynamic mode.
  • Compatible with rooted and no-rooted devices.
  • It is used to alter application data such as internal files, editing text, modify layout and much more.
  • Customize all user applications with full freedom.
  • Very straight-forward to use.
  • The application is the best hacking app that modifies apps and game’s internal content.
  • It is including multiple levels of hacking such as static hacking and dynamic hacking.
  • Support rooted and non-rooted smartphones.
  • No registration is essential.
  • It doesn’t charge any penny regard use and download.
  • It is 100% verified and spam-free.
  • Easy to use.
  • User-friendly nature and responsive layout.

How to use and download hack app data pro apk:-

first, you guys have to download hack app data pro apk from the given link.

hack app data pronow install and open it.

hack app datayou will see this interface.

you can modify background from the setting button and you have to modify only user apps and don’t go for system apps.

hack app data

Download hack app data pro apk


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